5 Signs That It’s Time For Foundation Repair

cracked_foundationThe words “foundation repair” are enough to strike terror in the hearts of homeowners. The foundation of a house is probably one of its most difficult areas to access and surely one of the most misunderstood. Surprisingly, the most common cause of foundation problems is not the foundation itself, but the soil that is supposed to be supporting it underneath. Soil shifts under the foundation most often because of water issues. Some underground water developments are impossible to anticipate or avoid, but others can be controlled. Homeowners should properly maintain their gutters and downspouts to keep rainwater and melted snow diverted away from the house. The gutters and downspouts should be cleaned and flushed at least twice a year and checked for leaks or gaps. If a homeowner suspects that there are problems with the home’s foundation, the house should be inspected for the following five signs:

Uneven or Sloping Floors

Uneven or sloping floors is a sign that a soil shift has occurred under the beams supporting the foundation enough to cause a problem. Gaps will be noticeable around the base of the floor between the wall and the floor.

Cracking of the Bricks, Inside or Out

Cracks will appear in the bricks and mortar, but more commonly in the mortar. The uneven shift of the foundation causes the cracks to appear most often in the mortar in a stair step fashion.

Split or Shifted Mouldings

Cracks appearing at the moulding joints or even in the middle of the strip are a sign that the foundation has shifted. Also, mouldings that have become separated at the joints can appear as either a gap or an uneven shift.

Wall Rotation

Some foundation slippage events will cause a rotation in the walls’ interior supports. The rotation causes cracks in the wall and can cause moulding to separate. Once again, cracks in a brick wall will usually be seen in the mortar in a stair step fashion.

Wall Bowing

An increasingly unstable foundation may cause bowing and subsequent cracks in walls. The wall will no longer appear flat when this occurs.

Other signs will present themselves when a foundation has started to slip. Cracks in floors, windows that are difficult to open and shut, separations in door and window frames and most seriously, walls separating from the house are all additional signs that a foundation needs repaired. It’s important that homeowners contract a professional that specializes in foundation repair as soon as trouble is suspected. Much more costly repairs can be avoided if foundation problems are remedied quickly. Jericho Foundation Repair Inc. provides expert professional service. The experienced staff is able to detect, diagnose and competently repair foundation problems quickly and efficiently.

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