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Little Black Dress

New Trends in Prom Dress Styles

It’s 2013, and prom is still as coming-of-age important as ever. It’s the dance of all dances, the high school event of all events (well, not counting graduation, which the academic in me would hope is still considered more important and life altering than a dance) and movies are still made solely based on the […]

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Navigating Bankruptcy

Many people feel ashamed to file for bankruptcy. It can be a very stressful and emotional process, but it does not have to be embarrassing. A lot of people these days are doing it for their own well-being and financial sanity. If a person does not know where to start, they can hire a St […]

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executive MBA

Put Your Career in Overdrive With An Executive MBA

The competitive nature of executive and upper management positions makes education one of the top priorities for those who are determined to climb the corporate ladder as far as they can go. Though the majority of those in such power positions have some sort of college education, it is imperative to pursue higher degree levels […]

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storage units

Dayton Ohio Storage Units…A Safe Place For Your Treasures

Do you have a space problem in your home? Do you have furniture and boxes that you have no room for but you do not have the heart to part with it? Are you going to stay with a friend for a while and don’t want to sell your furniture? If you said yes to […]

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storage 8

5 Things To Know About Storage Units

Without a doubt, storage units are life savers. They allow a person to store all of their stuff without having to pay out a ton of money. However, before a person rents a storage unit there are several basic facts they should know. Below are the things everyone should know before they rent a storage […]

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affordable self storage

How Affordable is Self Storage

Many of us have relocated to a different city or state. Perhaps this move left us either not having found a place of residence or the residence we did decide on is too small to fit all of your furniture or belongings in. Maybe you are entering college or leaving college for the summer or […]

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Little Rips And Tears Can Turn To Roofing Nightmares

Homeowners know that a house requires a continual cycle of routine maintenance and upkeep to make sure everything works right, is safe and lasts as long as possibler. This is all because many of the major components of a house are quite expensive and also fundamental to the home itself. One of the most important […]

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Professional Garage Door Installation can Give a Chic Look to your House

For many homeowners, their neighbors are ideal competitors, at least in terms of getting better compliments for their property. Mostly, they end up imitating the looks of their neighbor’s house. While exterior paint job and driveways may be on the top of the priority list, but it’s important to give due consideration to the garage […]

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Injured On The Job: Hire An Attorney

Did you know that on-site job injuries are on the rise, yet most people don’t even receive the compensation they’re entitled to? If you’ve been injured on the job, you may be entitled to compensation, proving you work through the proper channels. Even though a painful on-the-job injury should speak for itself, you’ll be fighting […]

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home health

Finding an Honest Home Health Agency

When you or a loved one needs in home health care, there are many agencies to choose from. There are also many decisionns you will need to make. How do you pick the right agency? How do you know what to look for? Can you trust people you are unfamiliar with into your family member’s […]

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