DISH TV Technology Is More Powerful Than A Commercial Can Show

That’s right—if you were to get into everything that DISH TV offers you wouldn’t be able to fit it into a regularly sized commercial. Services included HD programming, 3D programming, On Demand Programming, DISH Online, TV Everywhere, Hopper, Mobile, Applications, Google TV, and many other services.

All the innovation we’ve seen in recent years has been integrated into DISH. HD programming is far from new innovation, but it’s great to see more and more HD programming available as well as more HD On Demand services for your enjoyment. And if you’re going On Demand, you can get access to 3D movies at the push of a button. Well, as long as you have everything required for a 3D experience including a 3D TV, 3D glasses if your TV requires it, HDMI that supports 3D transfer, and a 3D compatible receiver, and surround sound if you want a real 3D experience, both in video and audio.

The Internet is playing a bigger role in everything we do. So why not add Internet capabilities to your DISH Service? DISH has integrated as much Internet as you’ll probably need to your DISH Receiver. You can access many different applications, such as the Weather Channel App, the MLB Network app and many game apps. You’ll find yourself enjoying every minute between playing games and watching your normal networks. DISH also extends itself out of the traditional receiver through the use of DISH Online. Watch over 20,000 titles instantly online, anywhere and at any time. You can add on a few different services like the widely popular Sling service. It allows you to use your Receivers program anywhere you want, whether you’re on the run with your 3G enabled smartphone or at work on a break connected to Wi-Fi.

Google TV is another service you can integrate with your DISH experience. You can use it to search your Google TV apps as well as your Live programming and your DVR recordings on your DISH Receivers in one simple search. Google TV is a great addition to any TV, or it comes already integrated within some TVs.

Your DVR with DISH is amazing in more than just its ability to be accessed online; it also includes many great features for use within your own home. It can take full HD recordings and can hold up to 2000 hours of recording on its 2 TB drive. You can also record up to 6 shows at once, something that will allow you to not have to pick and choose what show you want to watch. And if you’re watching a show in your living room and you start feeling a bit tired, if you have a TV set up in your room you can simply change right over to it. Dish TV technology is a great way to make sure you are getting the best in TV!

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