First Steps After a Basement Flood

flooded_basementThere is no doubt that a basement flood can quickly cause problems for the rest of the home, including any walls connecting to the basement or foundation. Mold is a particular concern that can quickly, quietly and with little warning make people ill. Therefore, even the smallest amount of leaky, standing or stagnant water should be removed immediately. Flood restoration and all appropriate repairs need to be made to the damaged portions of the basement immediately after damage occurs.

A flood may occur due to inclement weather, leaky pipes, questionable roofs and damaged appliances, as well as other, less obvious crises. Fortunately, you do have several options and it is a good idea to determine what your best choice is and to know what to do in the event of flooding. For example, a single leaky pipe will obviously need different types of repair than a leaky roof.

Immediate Repairs

Unfortunately, little can be done to remove the water until the issue causing the excess water has been repaired. Therefore, it may be necessary to call a plumber to fix the pipe, a roofer to repair the roof or an expert to restore the appliance to its previous condition. When water is no longer contributing to the problem, it is then time to remove the water.

Given the damage that is so probable from standing water, suctioning as much water out as soon as possible is necessary. Flood damage specialists will usually have access to powerful tools with a large capacity for water. That allows them to be able to restore the area to working condition faster than a home-owner with a fan and a wet-dry vacuum.
While waiting for an expert, those steps will help as will running the air conditioner or heater, even if the weather would not normally require doing so.

Additional Safety Concerns

After noting a flood problem that has been sitting for a while, especially if the area has limited ventilation, mold damage is probable. There are different types of mold, with each problem appearing with varying symptoms. However, mold is present almost anywhere, including the air. The Center for Disease Control recommends immediately removing any type of visible mold immediately, including black or green mold.

Some people may be more sensitive to the mold, due to allergies or existing health challenges. It is also possible to become more sensitive to the problem after repeated exposure, so removing it promptly is crucial for everyone in your home. Finally, the basement may be more prone to flooding and resulting problems because of its position within the home and soil. Fortunately, there are pumps to prevent basement floods and flooding damage does not have to be disastrous.

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