How to Successfully Remodel

How to Successfully RemodelSuccessful remodeling of your home takes planning and hard work. Whether you are looking to improve your homes functionality or improving to increase value a few strategic arrangements will ease the process. No matter how small or large scale a remodel is, demo and cleanup will be an important component.

How to Start
All those renovation shows on television feature demolition as an integral part of the remodeling process. Now think about the one thing that is a constant in every show. It doesn’t matter if they are doing demo to a bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor area. Every demo segment features the workers dragging construction materials out to a rented dumpster. From urban areas like Indianapolis to small rural towns, renting a dumpster will be one of the more cost effective and time saving moves you can make.

Personal Experience
I speak from experience. We recently remodeled the entire interior of our home. Our town, like most others throughout the U.S. has regulations regarding trash pick-up. Budgetary restraints necessitated an all hands on deck approach to the project. Within hours of the first cabinet coming down we realized that this had to be a clean as you go project. One quick phone call and we had rented a dumpster. Delivered right to our driveway…no muss, no fuss. Life from that point forward was so much easier. Old rotten cabinets went right outside and into the dumpster. Not having to step over piles of construction debris made this process manageable. Over 1000 square feet of chipped up ceramic tile, no problem. Tile is some seriously heavy material. The ability to dump small batches right into the receptacle saved our backs and hours of unnecessary labor. The minimal cost of renting a dumpster paid itself back tenfold. Equally as important, one more phone call and the impossibly cumbersome debris is easily removed from the job site.

Once your space is emptied; imagine how you use your space. For instance, if the kitchen is the remodeling project…how many cooks? Is the space centrally located getting frequent family traffic? Literally go thru the motions of your daily functions within that area. It’s easy to do now because your demo zone has effectively and inexpensively been cleared out into your convenient rented dumpster.

Now Plan
Now you are ready to make some final decisions. Where you place gas, water lines, and your electrical has to be finalized. Whether you are going DIY or hiring a contractor you’ll need to stay on top of pulling necessary permits and scheduling coordinating inspections. You can’t move forward until you are legal and more importantly confident that your chosen options are installed safely.

Here comes the fun! Shopping and picking out your finishes is your opportunity to personalize your design statement. Options are limitless both in what you choose or where you shop. From big box stores, to small local craftsman, to online suppliers, get samples to see how the colors and materials read in your space with your lighting.

Now you’re done and can begin enjoying your newly remodeled living space. From Indianapolis and across our country, begin with a call to rent a dumpster and ease your remodel process.


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