Patio Lighting Ideas for Atmosphere

hanging-lightingLighting is the finishing touch to any environment. It adds necessary illumination, and if done properly, can set a mood for any occasion. Even if it is a simple room in a home, lighting can make all of the difference. The patio, in a family, is like an extension of the home. It is a place where family can friends can come together and share a meal or enjoy any occasion together. Patio lighting ideas can make it all come together. Here are some wonderful ways to add that finishing touch and atmosphere to any home.

Patio Rope Lighting

Patio rope lighting can enhance the look of the patio and enhance the atmosphere. It is relatively inexpensive to do, and works well in any climate. Rope lights can be found in any hardware or garden store, and are easy to install. They come in tubes which protect the electrical system in any type of weather. They can be used along the side of the patio. They can be found in several length choices, and can be connected to one another if more than one strand is required.

Patio Light Strings

These are a bit more work, but serve the same purpose. They can be easily installed anywhere on the patio. They are not always a good choice for inclement weather. If patio light strings are used for lighting ideas, then it is important to buy outdoor ones. These are readily available at any hardware store as well. They cost more money, but they are well worth the extra cost. They can be placed in decorative patterns to create any atmosphere.

Tea Light Ideas

Tea lights are the least effective form of lightning, but work very well for a romantic atmosphere for patio lighting. Tea lights can be battery operated or a candle. Both work equally well. The battery operated ones are a good choice for wet weather. The candle option is the least expensive. Both however, work very well at creating a romantic atmosphere for patio lighting ideas.

How to Use Them

Each of these can be used with decoration ideas to make a patio look wonderful, while providing the required lighting for both safety and use. Decoupage covered glasses can be placed over the tea lights. Any design can be used and any season can be accentuated with this look.

String lights can have baby-food jars placed over the individual lights as well. Like the tea lights, these jars can be painted or have decoupage added to them for decorating ideas. The ideas are endless. It’s a fun project, and a wonderful way for atmosphere lighting to be added to any home patio.

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