Preventative Care For Your Pets

Preventative Care For Your PetsCaring for your pet means more that just his yearly trip to the veterinarian for shots and checkup. Taking care of you pet is like taking care of a member of your family, it requires preventative care that needs to be done all throughout the year. Here are a few ways you can care for your pet so that their next checkup at the vet will go with no issues.

Grooming Your Pet
Your pet can only take care of themselves so much, it is up to you to groom them and keep them looking and feeling healthy. Brushing their hair help to remove dead and loose hair and gives them a shiny coat. Cleaning the mucous from around their eyes can prevent a buildup that becomes so thick it is impossible to clean. Take time to clean around their eyes and nose to remove any mucous buildup. Brushing your pets teeth will also help to promote oral hygiene and keep their breath fresher too. Purchase special raw hide bones that work at removing plague buildup around their teeth and gums. Clean your pets ears with a q-tip when you can. Trimming a pets nails is often very difficult to do, but if you walk them regularly on the road or pavement that can help to keep the nails shorter.

Securing Your Pet
It is estimated more children from 3 years to 11 years die in automobile accidents each year. That being said, 80% of drivers say they do not secure their pet in the vehicle when driving. Even if you are involved in a 30MPH accident, your pet of only 10 pounds becomes a 300 pound missile in your vehicle. Secure your pet with a harness and seat belt to ensure they do not move when you are driving. They can become a distraction to you and cause an accident. If you can fit the pet in a crate, that is the ideal way to transport any animal.

Your Pet to the Vet
Taking your pet to a veterinarian in the Columbus area is a great way to ensure they are caught up with their shots. If your pets nails are getting too long you can have the vet trim them for you. They have certified technicians on hand that have experience making your pet comfortable during a trimming. Your Columbus vet can also help you to promote healthy eating habits by providing you food choices that are much better for your pet as opposed to the store brand pet foods.

Protecting Your Pet
Regardless what part of the country you live in, your pet is under constant attack from fleas and ticks. They sell medication that can be applies annually to the pets skin to keep these parasites from harming your pet. Flea and tick collars work well in areas near wooded locations where ticks live. Ticks can transmit Lyme Disease, so it is important to protect your pets.



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