Preventing Painful Problems From Shaving

Preventing Painful Problems From ShavingFor many men, shaving is a normal part of a daily grooming routine. However, it can come with many unpleasant side effects. Things like razor burn and ingrown hairs can be painful and keep you from getting proper results the next time. Fortunately, there are ways that you can minimize these risks for a more comfortable and productive shave.

Wash Your Face

If you shave without washing your face first, you could be opening yourself up to ingrown hairs and infected follicles. Dragging a razor across a dirty face can cause pores and minute abrasions to become clogged with dirt and bacteria, setting the stage for skin problems. Always be sure to wash your face thoroughly before shaving, and gently pat your skin dry with a soft cloth to avoid needless irritation.

Don’t Use Soap

Some men prefer to lather their face with soap prior to shaving, usually to save money on shaving cream. However, this isn’t a good idea. Soap doesn’t offer much in the way of skin lubrication and protection, and it allows the blade to get much too close to your skin. It’s strongly recommended that you use a high-quality shaving cream or lotion instead.

Use a Good Razor

When you want a comfortable, successful shave, a good razor is everything. It might cost a little more, but high-quality safety razors are a better investment than their cheap counterparts. In this case, you really do get what you pay for. Furthermore, it’s also important to change out your disposable safety razors every so often. The longer you use them, the duller and dirtier they become. This increases your odds of cuts, skin irritation and an uneven shave.

Post-Shave Care

Taking care of your skin is just as important after shaving as it is before. During this time, your skin is vulnerable to irritation and infection, which can cause dry skin, pimples and ingrown hairs to develop. Immediately after your shave, consider wiping your face down with some rubbing alcohol or a mild astringent to ward away dirt and germs.

Use a Light Hand

You should never press the razor into your skin when shaving. A light hand gives you the best performance for this job. When you press the razor into your skin, you may be getting a closer shave, but you’re also damaging your skin. If you frequently experiences red, sensitive or irritated skin after shaving, it’s highly recommended to try using lighter strokes and switching to a sharper razor.

Skin Nutrition

Many nutrients benefit your skin, but there are three that are bar-none. Vitamin C is essential for collagen production, which handles skin repair and integrity. Zinc nourishes follicles, keeps skin supple, repairs damage and guards against irritation. Manganese is the healing mineral. If you cut yourself or suffer other kinds of skin damage, this will help it heal faster.

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