The Roofing Structure 101

roofingThe roof of a home is one of the most important parts of the establishment. Roofs do not only protect the home from precipitation, but the roof also protects the home from all of the elements. This includes wind and the sun. These forces are very destructive forces for these roofs. The sun is the single determinant that is most responsible for the degradation of roofs, but wind can strip the actual components away and leave roofs exposed to the destructive force all other elements. The wind can also only remove a section of the roofing that is small enough so that it is unnoticeable. If this happens, a homeowner may only notice the problem when they can visually see water damage on the interior ceiling of the home.

At this point, water will have damaged the underlying decking of the roof and all other components in which the water has impacted on its way to being visually noticed. This small problem will have developed into an expensive repair. The slow profusion of water can also introduce other problems like toxic molds. Because these problems will occur away from being visually noticed, the damage will have expanded exponentially.

Water is a problem for roofs in many ways. In winters, improperly installed roofs can cause ice dams. This damming allows water to pool as the ice thaws’ slightly and then refreezes. This makes finding the source of the problems very difficult because the problem only presents itself after the winter and then may disappear as the spring drying occurs. However, the damage that is caused does not. If there are signs of water damage on interior ceilings, the leaks need to be followed to their source. This allows all the damage to be discovered. This method will allow for any mold causing factors to be eliminated.

Roofs also function as a drying and cooling tool for homes and buildings. Roofs are designed with venting. This venting is supposed to intake and dispel air to both cool, the interior roof space and to keep the space dry. This is necessary because a certain amount of moisture is retained in the roofing structure that is naturally present in air. This moisture is removed via the venting system.

This means that the venting system should be properly installed, and the entire roofing system should be inspected periodically by proficient, reputable roofing companies like Cox roofing. These inspections should be performed periodically unless there has been an extreme weather event like high winds or driving rains. In this case, the roofing system should be inspected soon after the trouble occurred. They should also be inspected before they endure climate-related hardships like the onset of winter or summer.

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