Tips For Getting Your Lawn In Tip Top Shape

lawn1In every neighborhood there is always one lawn that everyone wishes was theirs. It is always lush, green and well kept. The perfect lawn does not have to be coveted however, it can be yours with a few simple steps and regular maintenance.

With good planning, patience, tools and basic gardening skills you can get your lawn in tip top shop. Here are a few tips you can use to get the lawn of your dreams.

Find A Good Lawn Mower
Make sure that you research to find a good lawn mower. Purchasing professional lawn mowers are best since they are built to last for years and can cut grass based on your specifications. Professional lawn mowers can range in price as well so there will be one for every budget. Shop around at your favorite hardware and garden store for the best mower for your lawn.

Cut Your Grass On A Regular Basis
It is always best to get a good schedule going with your lawn. Do not let grass, trees and shrubs go too long without being trimmed and cut. It stops the lawn from getting adequate sunlight and can be a hassle to physically take care of.

Make Sure To Cut Your Lawn Evenly
Cut the grass using a professional lawn mower so that it is low enough to get good sunlight. Keeping your grass cut low will still get good water coverage overall. Do not cut the grass too short as you may damage the blade where it will not grow back.

Use Fertilizer and Weed Eater
Though it may seem strange if you are not green thumb, using fertilizer on your lawn will help it gain and maintain a beautiful color and grow. Make sure to spray a good weed eater on your lawn between mowing to kill unwanted weeds. Use during spring and summer months for maximum effect.

Give Your Lawn Air
Every so often rake your lawn to remove leaves and debris. This will loosen up any impacted dirt, rocks or other debris that may hinder a healthy growing lawn. Raking your grass will allow moist dirt to come to the surface and those roots get sunshine and the water it needs.

Water Your Lawn
You have been mowing your grass with a professional lawn mower regularly, using fertilizer and a weed eater and giving your lawn air which is great. The most important thing to do now is give your lawn adequate water. Water gives life and vigor to each of the green blades reaching up for sunlight.

Maintaining the lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be a project that can be enjoyed by everyone. With proper mowing, aerating, water and sunlight your lawn can be the talk of your neighborhood.

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