Tips for Pressure Washing Your Home Exterior

pwextAs the weather begins to warm up homeowners begin to see all the things around their home that need to be addressed. Excessive weeds must be eliminated and shrubs must be trimmed. Aside from the minor landscaping maintenance items, the exterior of the home as well as decks, patios, and fences often need some serious attention. Pressure washing is the most efficient way to accomplish the heavy-duty cleaning of these exterior structures.

Preparing the Area
Whether a homeowner intends to perform the pressure washing on their own or will use a professional service like Renew Crew, there are some basic preparations that must be made in advance. Before the project begins homeowners should ensure that all windows and doors are tightly sealed so that no water is able to accidentally seep into the home.

Regardless of the manufacturer or capacity, most pressure washers require at least two basic features (an electrical outlet and a water hose) to function properly. Setting up the water hose and ensuring that the exterior faucets work beforehand will eliminate the frustration of finding out that a hose is too short or has a leak at the time work begins.

There is no special process for drying the exterior of a home or other surfaces after pressure washing, but homeowners should allow several hours for the area to fully dry before replacing patio furniture and other items.

Cleaning Products
Depending on the power settings, most pressure washers are more than strong enough to clean through the use of high pressure water and steam. Although cleaning products are not usually required for a thorough cleaning, many people prefer to use them anyway because they believe it will give the exterior of their home an extra shiny and clean look.

It is imperative for amateurs who are using a pressure washer for the first time to understand that not all household cleaning products are approved or recommended for external surfaces. Using inappropriate or excessively soapy products in the pressure washing process will result in a discolored or dingy look on vinyl and slate surfaces. These products could actually damage wood, asphalt, and concrete or cement. To avoid the possibility of creating a big mess or potentially damaging their property, homeowners are advised to use fully approved cleaning products that are compatible with the specific pressure washer in operation.

The experts at Renew Crew ensure that customers are satisfied and the environment is unharmed by the effective yet eco-friendly cleaning products used during the pressure washing process. Within a matter of minutes house and deck siding are stripped clean of all the accumulated dirt and debris that has settled into the various surfaces.

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